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Uncontested Divorce

Respected Melbourne Firm Represents Clients in Uncontested Divorces

Florida attorney offers ways to help family law clients reduce expenses

When divorcing spouses can agree on custody, child support, alimony and marital property distribution, the path toward marriage dissolution becomes shorter and less expensive. The Law Office of Joan Berry Nassar, P.A. in Melbourne assists Florida clients with uncontested divorces, helping them compromise and fulfill their legal requirements while making sure their interests are protected. My firm also offers unbundled legal services for individuals who want to economize by handling some aspects of their divorce on their own while relying on us for necessary legal tasks.

Benefits of an uncontested divorce

Potential benefits of an uncontested divorce include:

  • Lowering costs — Divorce isn’t just an emotional burden, but also a financial challenge. Dividing property, losing household income and making support payments might make a tough circumstance even worse. It is often in parties’ best interests to reduce attorney’s fees by minimizing legal procedure. Working out divorce terms informally and then submitting a marital settlement agreement to the court can help save you money.
  • Saving time — Once spouses have decided to divorce, they usually want to move forward as quickly as possible. Litigation requires a great deal of time, often even more than a year. Putting a little extra time and effort into achieving consensus can mean a much shorter marriage dissolution process.
  • Reducing conflict — Parents who divorce will have to communicate on issues relating to their children long after their legal union is ended. Even spouses who don’t have minor children might have some contact or share a group of common friends. Accordingly, even if you have serious problems with your ex-spouse, it’s probably best to avert any unnecessary conflict throughout the divorce process. Disputes over discovery and other legal issues can create unpleasant feelings that hurt everyone involved.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing an uncontested divorce, my firm offers knowledgeable guidance every step of the way.

How unbundled legal services can save money for divorcing spouses

When your divorce is heading for a trial or mediation, you might require comprehensive legal counsel to review key evidence, develop a strategy and represent you in negotiations or before the court. However, in an uncontested divorce, that level of assistance might not be warranted. Perhaps you’re just looking for someone to complete the necessary documents and make sure that the settlement agreement you’ve reached with your spouse is fair and enforceable. In this situation, my firm’s unbundled legal services might be the solution that makes the most sense. Under this arrangement, you would pay the firm for specific tasks, such as settlement review or hearing representation rather than full-scale legal advice and advocacy. If you’re interested in saving costs by unbundling legal services, we can discuss how I can meet your particular needs.

Contact a Florida attorney about an uncontested divorce or unbundling legal services

The Law Office of Joan Berry Nassar, P.A. in Melbourne handles uncontested divorces for Brevard County residents and offers unbundled legal services for family law clients who don’t require comprehensive representation. For a consultation, please call 321-405-0042 or contact me online.

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