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Melbourne Divorce Lawyer Pursues Positive Results for Florida Families

Thorough Brevard County firm assists spouses whose marriage is ending

Divorce is much more than a legal matter. It is a deeply personal process that works best with the guidance of someone who understands your particular needs. At the Law Office of Joan Berry Nassar, P.A. in Melbourne, I provide individualized attention and the type of trustworthy advocacy that you can only get from an experienced family law attorney.  Having spent 28 years in practice, I understand how to help clients overcome a difficult time and achieve their objectives. We will work together to obtain the best legal outcome while minimizing discord at every stage of the process. My firm identifies and executes creative solutions for divorcing spouses throughout Brevard County so that they can move on with confidence.

Florida attorney delivers effective counsel in matrimonial litigation

From start to finish, my firm ensures that you are armed with the Florida divorce law information you need to make smart choices. I am always available to answer questions about issues such as:

  • Filing and grounds — As opposed to states that grant divorces based on various types of marital misconduct, Florida only dissolves marriages because the union is irretrievably broken or because one partner suffers from mental incapacity for at least three years before filing. However, questions such as child custody and spousal support might be affected if the judge finds that one of the spouses acted improperly.
  • Mediation — With the right professional assistance, most couples can resolve issues such as alimony and property division without going to trial. After almost three decades of legal practice, I have seen that effective divorce mediation can work to the advantage of both spouses even when various issues are highly contested.
  • Collaborative divorce — It might seem like a contradiction, but spouses who cooperate on their divorce can reach a favorable result while avoiding excessive legal procedures and costs. In a collaborative divorce, parties agree to share information and work toward consensus in a civil manner, employing expert assistance when needed.
  • Uncontested and Contested Divorces – If you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all issues, you may have an “uncontested” dissolution of marriage.  If any issues remain to be resolved by a judge, you may have a “contested” dissolution of marriage.
  • Paternity – Paternity establishes legal fatherhood to parents who have not been married.
  • Substantive Issues – At your initial consultation we will discuss timesharing/parenting plans, child support, alimony and property division and how it specifically relates to the circumstances of your case.
  • Process – At your initial consultation, we will also discuss the process, to include whether it is the right time to file for the dissolution of marriage, or whether we should pursue an alternative dispute resolution method, such as mediation or the collaborative process.

Whether you require representation for an uncontested divorce or a bitterly disputed dissolution that seems headed to trial, I will protect your rights and work tirelessly to achieve a positive result.

Education about divorce takes away the fear

Education is the key to your understanding of the legal issues and process. My commitment to helping families and meeting the highest professional standards serves my clients well in all types of divorce litigation.  Divorce is much more than a legal matter.  It is a deeply personal process that works best with the guidance of someone who understands your particular needs. Emotional stress is often caused by fear of the unknown.

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The Law Office of Joan Berry Nassar, P.A. represents Brevard County clients in divorce litigation and other types of Florida family law cases. Please call 321-405-0042 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my Melbourne office.

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