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Melbourne Lawyer Litigates Disputes over Alimony

Brevard County attorney advises clients on spousal support determinations

In some divorces, alimony may be awarded to a spouse who lacks the ability to support himself/herself financially due to staying at home to take care of children, earning a lower wage than the paying spouse, and various other reasons.  For those divorcing spouses, alimony is available under Florida law to help them meet their needs. At the Law Office of Joan Berry Nassar, P.A. in Melbourne, this firm represents both paying and recipient spouses in alimony disputes. I can advise you regarding your specific situation to establish or enforce an alimony award.

Am I entitled to alimony in Florida?

If alimony is a potential issue in your divorce, this firm will vigorously defend your rights and advise you on the factors courts may evaluate when making these determinations, such as:

  • Marriage duration — The length of a marriage has a significant effect on spousal support decisions, with distinct legal treatment for unions lasting fewer than 7 years or more than 17 years.
  • Standard of living — Courts look at the lifestyle that a couple had prior to the breakup and can direct payments so that each party can maintain that standard of living.
  • Age and health — An older ex-spouse who did not work outside the home, or one who is not able to get a job due a disability, might merit compensation in the eyes of the court.
  • Assets and earning capacity — If one partner was the primary breadwinner, they might be ordered to pay alimony until their former spouse can develop the ability to become self-supporting.

I will conduct a detailed review of your situation so that you can anticipate how your case will proceed.

Florida lawyer advocates for fair alimony payments

State law allows judges to award various types of alimony payments to fit the specific circumstances, including:

  • Bridge-the-gap alimony — A spouse who needs financial assistance while shifting from married to single life is eligible for this form of alimony that cannot last longer than two years.
  • Durational alimony — Individuals whose marriages did not last long enough to qualify for permanent alimony may receive payments for a set length of time. The exact duration is set by the court, but it cannot exceed the length of the marriage.
  • Rehabilitative alimony — In some instances, a divorcing spouse has a plan to gain or regain their ability to provide for themselves. Rehabilitative alimony is suited to these individuals and can be tailored to their particular circumstances.
  • Permanent alimony — This type of award is usually reserved for spouses who cannot reasonably be expected to support themselves after the divorce.

Whether you are the spouse seeking alimony or the one being asked to pay it, my firm delivers diligent representation to ease your burden as you start a new chapter in your life.

Contact an accomplished Florida family lawyer for assistance with an alimony issue

The Law Office of Joan Berry Nassar, P.A. represents Brevard County clients in divorce litigation involving alimony and other types of Florida family cases. Please call 321-405-0042 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my Melbourne office.

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